Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cuernos del Diablo

This is an image I did for e-on software as a promotional piece. I also wrote a tutorial on how it was created and will post that when I get approval.


  1. Hey ryan. How do you find taking the zbrush displacement into Vue? I think I tried it and it was a bit difficult because vue likes black to white values where as zbrush has grey=middle...have you found this?

  2. Hay Man, long time. Honestly getting the displacement into Vue was a real pain. Especially in the 8.5 version, I was never really able to get a highres displacement detail in Vue. If you look at the screen shots you can see that my Zbrush sculpt has lot more detail then the Vue render at the bottom.

    this project was done with e-on software to test zbrush to vue work flow and we document all the issues so hopefully the newer versions of Vue will improve on this.

  3. Mate, this is brilliant work! Really inspiring