Tuesday, July 9, 2013

UDK Realtime landscape

Here is some work in-progress of a landscape I'm creating for a personal game project. Rendered in the UDK using Direct X 11 tessellation and displacement.

Rock assets created using zbrush and again rendered in real-time with tessellation and displacement.


  1. Yes I do. I used World Machine for creating the base terrain and for getting a color map and control maps for texturing

  2. no kidding !!!

    any chance to get a demo for playing with

    i would looooooooooooooooove to , please

  3. Hey Issam stayed turned, I'm currently working on a demo scene that I'm going to release. I switched to using the Cryegine but the the work flows are very similar

  4. can't wait for that :)

    anyway impressive work ,especially the first screen , good job !

  5. btw, why did you switched to cryengine basically ?

  6. Thanks. I mostly switched because I want to take advantage of the foliage system in CE3. both are very good for doing terrains, but out the box cryengine 3 is getting me to the results I want much faster.